Labs & X-Rays

On-Site X-Rays and Lab Readings

Less Wait for Child & Parents

At Night Watch Pediatric Urgent Care we are prepared to help diagnose and treat your child. Our facility is equipped with on-site x-ray machines (with low radiation for kids) as well as select on-site lab services.

  • Help Diagnose Child's Injury & Illness
  • X-Rays Ready by Certified Radiologists
  • Select On-Site Lab Services

Help Diagnose Child's Injury & Illness

X-rays produce images that show dense tissue inside your body, which helps doctors diagnose and treat your child. An X-ray machine sends electromagnetic radiation through the body. Dense tissue, such as bones, absorb more energy than soft tissue, such as your skin. Using a traditional X-ray machine, doctors can identify broken bones and visualize foreign objects that a child has swallowed.

X-Rays Read By Certified Radiologists

Night Watch Pediatric Urgent Care has on-site specialized radiology technicians that can perform x-rays on-site. An on-site Certified Radiologist can provide and read results within 30 min – 1 hour and can be used for diagnoses of pneumonia, broken bones, foreign bodies, etc. Parents can take a copy of their child’s X-rays, and we can forward results to a pediatrician or specialist.

If your child’s condition requires emergency care beyond the scope of what we can provide, we will recommend that you visit the nearest hospital or specialist for care.

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