Introducing Telemedicine

Your child's next pediatric visit could take place in the convenience of your home via telemedicine with

Virtual Visits

Night Watch Pediatric Urgent Care now provides virtual Visits powered by AnyTime Pediatrics. Need a quick consultation for your child? You can now talk to our pediatricians via telemedicine and get quick consultation.

Telemedicine can especially helpful when your child has a non-urgent medical need after hours, or when a trek to the doctor’s office or ER just isn’t practical or safe.

With Telemedicine, we continue our promise to be available for you when you need us the most!

  • Cold & Flue
  • Rash
  • Skin Infection
  • Allergies
  • Swimmer's Ear
  • Pink Eye & more

Getting Started

  1. Click the pre-register button below to visit the Anytime Pediatrics Portal
  2. Download the app on your phone/tablet, or use a web browser on your computer (Chrome or Firefox are recommended)
  3. Add your email address and create a password
  4. Add your name and basic contact information
  5. Use Practice Code: 9695
  6. Add your insurance information or select "I don't have insurance or I wish not to use it"
  7. Add your child's name, date of birth, gender and your relationship to the child. Check the box if you have legal authority to seek care for the child, and then click the Save button.
  8. To initiate a visit. select "Request Visit" next to your child's name.

Pre-Register via Anytime Pediatrics

Pre-register for telemedicine with NightWatch Pediatric Urgent Care via the Anytime Pediatrics website or mobile app. Click below to pre-register today!

During registration, use practice code: 9695

If your child’s condition requires emergency care beyond the scope of what we can provide, we will recommend that you visit the nearest hospital or specialist for care.

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